PREMIER is a performance testing tool built by Dright Ho.

Why another performance testing tool? PREMIER is different from other performance testing tools in that PREMIER focuses on system-level performance. PREMIER is not a profiler, which tells us how much time or memory is spent on a function. Using PREMIER, testers/developers can easily create a workload that is similar to the real situation. The development team can have a better picture of how the software system performs -- not just from simulation or mathematical models, but from testing on the real system.

To be more precise, PREMIER is a framework for system-level performance testing. In this framework, a performance test case is defined with tasks and composites. A task is a scenario that is performed by a user. A composite is a collection of tasks. PREMIER runs the defined composites, and observations can be made to see if the tasks are completed under a certain amount of time. Listeners are the performance data collectors. You may use the built-in listeners, or write your own listeners, to gather performance information.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please don't hestitate. Go to the project page and post your opinions in the public forum or feature request.

This page is currently under construction. You may download PREMIER and several examples from the Subversion server. In the repository, you'll find three Eclipse projects:

  • edu.ncsu.premier: Core PREMIER.
  • edu.ncsu.premier: Several examples showing how to use PREMIER. The JUnit examples show how to run performance testing on a program locally. The HTTPUnit examples show how to test a web application. This project uses several user defined library:
    • HTTPUnit: httpunit.jar
    • NekoHTML: nekohtml.jar and xercesImpl.jar
    Please set up these libraries in Eclipse preferences (Windows | Preferences... | Java | Build Path | User Libraries).
  • edu.ncsu.premier.testserver: A simple web application providing a very simplistic servlet and two jsp pages. The Sysdeo Tomcat Plug-in is used in this project. Please install and set up this plug-in before checking out this project.


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Copyright (C) 2006 by Chih-Wei "Dright" Ho. All rights reserved. PREMIER is under LGPL license agreement.